Oahu’s Luau Reviews

December 24th, 2018

Hawaii is more than just great beaches and stunning views. You can learn a little of the culture at an Alii Luau hosted by the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu. As at every welcome in Hawaii, you are greeted with a fresh lei and enjoy such entertainment as hula dancing and steel guitar and ukulele music.Oahu's Luau Reviews

Wows and Woes

If you are accustomed to eating in high quality restaurants, be aware the food is almost flavorless. But you are here for the culture, really, not the food. Surprisingly, for a cuisine heavy on roast pork, there are vegetarian options.

Insider Tips

No cocktails with dinner; there is no alcohol served at all.

Oahu's Luau Reviews

Author’s Most Memorable Moment

The hula dancers encourage everyone to follow their lead and try dancing; I was picked out of the crowd and a man in a grass skirt practically dragged me up to dance in front of everyone. Embarrassing but memorable.

Bottom Line

The luaus are expensive, but if you think of it as entertainment plus dinner, it’s not that bad a deal.