Best Sea Fishing Bait

December 20th, 2018

What kind of fish do you want to catch? Cod? Trout? Bass? Do you want live or dead bait? Do you want to buy worms in a jar or catch fresh mackerel for your expedition? Do you plan to be out in the middle of the ocean or standing on the shore? Once you know your fishing goals, you can choose a bait that fits best. There are many types of fishing baits out there–plastic worms, fish oils, sea scents–but nothing works better than real meat, especially in the ocean. Save your garden worms for the local pond; these baits are for serious fishermen, looking to catch some serious fish.Best Sea Fishing Bait


Ragworms are a common bait for sea fishing, and most fish love them. The problem is that small fish love them just as much as big fish. If you don’t want to give a little fish the chance to hook onto your line, then your best bet may be to opt for a bigger bait, such as mackerel or crab. These worms aren’t like your everyday worms; they have two pinchers that you have to be careful of. If you’re scared of being pinched, you can chop off the head, which gives a stronger blood trail but may cause the worm to fly off the hook during your cast. Use two to four worms on a hook, and make sure you hook each worm more than once.

Best Sea Fishing Bait


The lugworm can grow up to 1 1/2 feet long and is black or dark brown in color. There are two different species, the black and the blow, and either one attracts fish like honey attracts bees. On a good day, these baits will out-fish anything you can get your hands on. And when the cod are biting on lugworms, good luck trying to use anything else as bait. Fish love lugworms, and it’s probably the best bait for cod–especially small 1-to-2-pounders.

Peeler Crab

Crab is one of the best baits you can use. The turnoff is the extensive amount of work needed to put the crab on your hook. But if you’re sick of catching mackerel and want to try something different, crab is the way to go. Many of the rarer fish love crab, making it well worth the effort to put it on your hook.

Once you remove the leg, claws and shells, you’re ready to start casting. The crab meat is soft and will fly right off your hook when you cast it, so you’ll have to attach it with some elastic string, which you can find at any tackle shop. This bait is best used live, but watch out for the lungs–they’re poisonous.

Best Sea Fishing Bait


You’ll have to catch your own mackerel unless you know some place that sells mackerel strips. Once you kill it, you cut it into strips for your bait. When you hook your mackerel, make sure you put your hook through the patterned part, where the fish is toughest. Mackerel are used for catching bigger fish, but the hassle of catching, killing and hooking them makes other baits an easier choice.

Best Sea Fishing Bait


Sand eels are the first choice of bait for trout, salmon, bass, mackerel, garfish and pollack–you can catch a plethora of fish with this bait. Every sea fisherman has to know about the sand eel, the best bait in the water. There aren’t many fish that can resist a live sand eel dangling at the end of your hook. The way the eel swims around the water determines what type of fish will be attracted to it, so do your research and catch exactly what you want to. It doesn’t matter how you hook it; just make sure it looks natural and stays alive.