Malaysia – Its not all about the Petronas Towers

December 18th, 2018

Little countries gained their reputation by being simultaneously the home of great urban centers and the host for amazing wildlife. Still, Malaysia manages to offer both of them. Monkeys, tigers or elephants roam freely through its jungles, while the cities master the art of occupying the skyline with business centers or other skyscrapers. The country has its fair portion of shoreline, to which many tourists love to come. The beaches are good for surf or just relaxation, with a tropical setting for their vacation.


The best way to start your tour is paying a visit to the Petronas Towers. The most exciting highlight is the sky bridge uniting the two towers. Kek Lok Si is a Buddhist temple that will charm you with its architecture. Try going to Batu Caves during New Year’s Eve, it`s a beautiful shrine and will allow you to observe some of the local traditions. For historical monuments, go to Malacca, the center of one of the earliest Sultanates or ask around for colonial towns, Malaysia still has some traces from the British Rule. Don`t forget the National Park and the Mulu Caves: these are the best spots for admiring the nature`s wonders. The hills from Cameron Highlands and a special center for the rehabilitation of Orangutans will be a delightful sight. If you want to see the seaside, Langkawi has great beaches.


Malayans are friendly and generous. They live in communities and place a great value on their family. Since the demographics are very diverse, they feel very protective of their culture. Not many dare to form relationships outside their usual circle of acquaintances and marriages unite in most of the cases people from the same community. While the people overall has some common characteristics, you need to see if the Malayan you’re talking to is Indian, Chinese or Muslim. Due to Ketuanan Malayu, a notion making the eulogy of Malayan history and people, foreigners see the locals as patriotic and conservative.