As Facebook Edges Closer to 1 Billion – Is Your Brand Engaged?

December 17th, 2018

The magic number for Facebook is very close…most likely before the end of 2012 there will be over 1 billion active monthly users on the social network, but is your brand engaging with them in a beneficial way?

Months ago, we brought up the discussion around the disconnect between brands and consumers when it comes to social media, and as the socially-connected population grows it is increasingly important to make sure your social strategy matches with what your audience is looking for. On Facebook, your fans ultimately own your brand, and the content you put out there needs to be a conversation rather than a shouting match.facebook

Our own Facebook page is focused on highlighting Star Group’s agency culture and our involvement with clients and community outside of the work itself. Even though our content is an ever-changing process, we want to connect with our friends, colleagues and clients in a more personable way than simply touting our work on their behalf.

For your brand’s page, the goal is likely to be completely different and unique. Just because there is a potential audience of a billion, we all recognize that there are smaller numbers of targeted communities that will be receptive to specific messages.

facebook The grand total may be large…as Todd Wasserman notes in his Mashable article, already 526 million of current users are on Facebook daily (that’s almost 4 times the amount of total active Twitter users)…but in order to forge a connection with them, the content you create needs to be personalized and targeted.

Are you seeing the growth in Facebook users as a new challenge or a new opportunity? Do you have guidelines in place that help you stick to your brand strategy?